Michele Dolz
Sunday, 20 September, 2020

My name is Llorenç Benedito. I was born in Castellón in 1860 and now I am dying in my own bed on June 14, 1938. The bells of my funeral are the bombs of the approaching nationalists.

They told me that when you die you see your whole life. They told me the truth. I am frightened neither by death nor the encounter with God. But the question remains as to what I leave here below when the bombs stop and this dirty war against each other in our own land ends. To the world I have given two daughters and a vast expanse of rice fields.



Eneas Capalbo - Chiara Canali
Sunday, 20 September, 2020

Photography was born in 1839 from the experiments of Daguerre and Talbot. And since 1850 it was already in common use. It was the first time that ordinary people could take a portrait. It was no longer necessary to be rich, a noble or a cleric and to pose before the painter. Photography spread everywhere, in all the cities there were photographers who with their contraption could make you a portrait so true that no painter could have gone that far.


Joan Feliu
Thursday, 14 December, 2017

Ciclo Metáforas sinestésicas, de Marte Modern Art Experiences.

Espai Cultural Obert Les Aules. Diputación de Castellón.


Este hombre no es de ayer ni es de mañana,

sino de nunca; de la cepa hispana

no es el fruto maduro ni podrido,

es una fruta vana

de aquella España que pasó y no ha sido,


Lorenzo Canova
Thursday, 27 October, 2016

In his dense and symbolic works, in his layered and metaphorical colours, in the drafts whose chromatic material vibrates with vital enzymes: in his latest cycle, Michele Dolz works through allusive codes in a painting that suggests a complex and articulated reflection on the soul and its human arcana.

Intervista su THEMA, rivista del Pontificio Consiglio per la Cultura

Michela Beatrice Ferri
Wednesday, 6 April, 2016
Come ha avviato la sua pittura e quali sono i caratteri della sua poiesis ? Non ricordo un «avvio» della mia pittura: è cresciuta con me. Anni fa mi sono accorto che la tavolozza si andava oscurando e le forme semplificando. Ho capito che, qualunque fosse il soggetto, era sempre metafora dell’animo umano. In una mostra dal titolo Notte oscura (allusione neanche tanto velata a san Giovanni della Croce) tutto questo venne fuori finalmente.

The Lyricism of The Synthesis

Giorgio Seveso, catalogue
Monday, 12 October, 2015
Dolz currently seems to work “in taking away”. He is one of those artists whose temperament leads to concentrate, dry, taper, synthesize... In his work today what is not essential becomes superfluous and is not even mentioned on the canvas, or so it appears as just evoked, as labile possibility of adding: the negligible ghost of an outline left on the shore of the painting, a buoyancy, almost slipped away, of the remains of the surrounding objectivity.


Del visibile - Luigi Codemo
Monday, 12 October, 2015

Quando una bestia inarca il dorso per emettere un suono rozzo e primitivo, il richiamo arriva anche alla nostra specie. Vibra una cosa imperfetta e abnorme insediata nel cuore stesso dell’essere. Un’eredità primigenia. Il richiamo di quella vita immersa nell’indistinto, dove vige l’esistenza fluida e collettiva del branco, della mandria, dello stormo, del banco. Dove nulla è posposto, tutto è immediato. Forza bruta. Vita che mangia vita.

Luce scavante

Davide Coltro
Thursday, 1 May, 2014

La luce è parte principale nel definirsi della Creazione, rende possibile il nostro senso della vista e così, da questa porta principale, si forma in noi una coscienza della realtà, un’immagine del mondo. A un certo punto della storia compare la fotografia, l’invenzione-rivelazione che si serve dello spettro luminoso e innalza la luce stessa a elemento generativo e materia costitutiva dell’arte.


Elena Pontiggia, catalogue
Thursday, 1 May, 2014

Fossil is a term of paleontology. It comes from the Latin fodere (to dig) and shows the remains of past life (leaves, pollen, shells, bones, eggs, and more) that are embedded, fossilized in fact, in sedimentary rocks.

     There's the closest thing to death. So much so that in common parlance the compliment you're a fossil is for those who don’t reach to live in their own time.


A light in the darkness of the night

Chiara Canali, catalogue
Friday, 18 May, 2012

In the series of works entitled ‘Dark Night’, Michele Dolz’s research deals with the natural theme of the Mountain, a subject already faced and investigated upon by many authors from the XVIII century to the present day, as evidenced by the exhibition ‘Mountain Art Science and Myth’ created at the Mart in Rovereto in 2003.