Lorenzo Belenguer - So much in so little

When I saw them for the first time I had to stop. Those jobs had the solemn simplicity of an aphorism. One of those poems with just a few verses, the verse of a psalm.

I had met Lorenzo Belenguer in the house of a mutual friend who took care, as a good londoner, to prepare a tea for us. Lorenzo convinced me right away because of his simplicity. Spaniard transplanted in London, he defines himself as a minimalist without adjectives. His works are made of little, but the little that is essential. They are the essence. A few strokes, dots of color, vibrant color lumps on an old iron mesh, mild interventions of antique prints.

In the last Frieze he has raised interest selling plastic bags with white powder and the label "Cocaine." It was a fine conceptual operation against drugs, such as the famous Eric Clapton’s song of the same title.

So much in so little, it is appropriate to say. True art’s brand.